5 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Pharmacy Technician


A career as a pharmacy technician can prove rewarding in many ways. Whether you’re already a qualified pharmacy technician, recently graduated or starting fresh, here are our top 5 reasons to consider a career as a pharmacy technician:

Work Place Variety 

Pharmacy technicians have an incredible array of places to work within their field. You can choose to work in hospitals, laboratory’s, military bases and drug stores; you’ll be surprised just how many options there are for pharmacy technicians. You’ll also have the fantastic opportunity to sign up with an allied travel agency, offering you the chance to work and travel at the same time. 

Every Day is Different 

A substantial aspect of working as a pharmacy technician is meeting new people every day, offering advice and building trust with the local community. Pharmacy technicians have the unique insight of working behind the scenes, as well as developing relationships with patients; each day is unique and offers you a new challenge. 


Pharmacy technicians enjoy a fantastic amount of flexibility for their working hours. Depending on the opening hours of their place of work, the opening hours may fluctuate. However, average shifts worked by pharmacy technicians are undoubtedly beneficial to a good work/life balance. The flexible working hours doesn’t influence the wage you receive either, with pharmacy technicians earning around $126,000 on average in the USA, well over double the national salary average. 

Serving the Community 

The healthcare industry offers you an excellent opportunity to serve and help your community, something not offered in most other jobs. You’ll help people deal with ailments, injuries, flu jabs and much more, playing an integral role in the wellbeing and general health of the customers you engage with each day. Pharmacy technicians can go home each day knowing they’ve made a difference and with an incredible amount of job satisfaction. We’re not saying it will always be plain sailing, sometimes you may encounter some unpleasant situations, but with a little patience, you can overcome these scenarios without too much trouble. 

Working in the Medical Field 

Many people pursue a career in the medical field, only to find they have a low tolerance threshold for blood. A career as a Pharmacy Technician allows you to work in the medical field, providing medical advice and medication’s to patients, without the worry of encountering something they aren’t physically equipped to deal with. 

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