Employer FAQs

  1. What types of professionals does Pharmaceutical Strategies place?
  2. What makes Pharmaceutical Strategies unique?
  3. Why choose Pharmaceutical Strategies?
  4. What is Pharmaceutical Strategies’s screening process for candidates?
  5. How does Pharmaceutical Strategies recruit for candidates?

1.)    What types of professionals does Pharmaceutical Strategies place?

At Pharmaceutical Strategies, we are focused on filling all of your pharmacy needs. From Directors of Pharmacy to Pharmacy Technicians, we have the ability to provide you with the ideal professional that will fit your requirements. Our candidates specialize in Retail Management, Hospital, Long Term Care, Mail Order facilities and more. We offer a variety of accommodations to suit your needs including:

  • Traveling Program - Provides coverage for 12-52 week contracts anywhere in the United States.
  • Contract Positions – Fills short–term contracts ranging from 1 week to indefinite time frames.
  • Per Diem Positions – Fills flexible short term assignments as needed.
  • Permanent Positions – Fills tailored permanent placement positions throughout the United States for one flat fee.
  • Temp to Permanent Positions – Provides you with the opportunity to observe and evaluate an employee’s on-the-job performance — before you decide to hire.

2.)    What makes Pharmaceutical Strategies unique?

Unlike most healthcare recruiting agencies, Pharmaceutical Strategies is a specialty staffing firm that solely caters to the pharmacy industry, optimizing your job search. Our boutique staffing agency allows us to provide specialized services to our clients, giving them a key advantage in their job filling process. Our recruiting team includes experienced recruiters and pharmacists that know what it takes to be the best in the industry, and ensure that our candidates fit that profile.


3.) Why choose Pharmaceutical Strategies?

It’s simple - we at Pharmaceutical Strategies care about you and your personalized needs. We strive to develop long term relationships with all our clients so we can understand their needs and wants. The staff at Pharmaceutical Strategies is dedicated to consistently providing you the highest service possible.


4.) What is Pharmaceutical Strategies’s screening process for candidates?

We know our candidates have the skills and experience necessary for the job because we carefully screen all applicants according to the highest standards. On average, the vast majority of our candidates have between three to five years of experience in the desired specialty setting. All of our pharmacists comply with HIPPA requirements. Our screening process includes:

  • In-depth face to face or phone interviews with each candidate.
  • Verification of license, employment history and academic credentials.
  • A complete assessment of work history including two verbal and two written references along with performance evaluations from past employers.
  • Criminal background investigations and drug testing as needed.

5.) How does Pharmaceutical Strategies recruit for candidates?

We at Pharmaceutical Strategies use our expertise to your advantage in recruiting employees. It is our goal to identify the finest pharmaceutical professionals in the industry. We make every effort to not only find but to establish relationships with candidates nationwide during our recruitment process. A significant amount of our recruiting strategies include direct mail communication, internet advertising, classified advertising, phone solicitation, referrals from trusted sources, nationwide conferences and career fairs and advertising in major pharmacy journals. This and many more of our resourceful and planned strategies are what define our success in recruiting the finest candidates for your organization.

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