Job Search Preparation: Updating LinkedIn

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Whether you’re unemployed, graduating, or just looking for a new job, starting a job search can be daunting, some may even say scary. There are applications to fill out, resumes to fix, and cover letters to write. And that’s all before you even get to the process of interviewing. 

Before you start searching for a new position there are a few things you need to tackle first. Your resume and LinkedIn profile should be up to date and reflective of your current skills and education status. Your LinkedIn profile is probably the easier of the two to update, there isn’t much formatting, and it’s really just a few clicks of buttons. To start, make sure all of your job and education information is up to date. Add in any skills you’ve learned, accomplishments and volunteer information, and make sure your positions are updated.

After you updated your information, you should update your career interests. If you scroll to the middle of your profile, you’ll see a dashboard. It’s a blue-grey box with some statistics about who has viewed your profile, as well as notes about your career interests.

If you click on “let recruiters know you’re open,” it will bring you to the full career interests page where you can edit your settings.

I highly suggest turning on the opportunity to let recruiters know you are open. This means when recruiters who are using LinkedIn Recruiter are searching for candidates they can see that you are currently looking for work. You can also edit where you are in your job search.

When you would like to start your new job.

What job titles you’re considering.

Where you would like your next job to be located

What types of jobs you are open to.

What industries you prefer, and what size company you’d like to work for, based on the number of employees.

After you fill out all of this information, recruiters will be able to reach you via inMail (LinkedIn’s premium messaging service) and access all of this information. Not only will recruiters see this information, but LinkedIn will use the answers provided to pull jobs that might interest you. Once you click the jobs icon on the top menu, scroll to the middle of the page and you’ll see the positions based on your career interests.

Don’t think these are the right positions for you? There will be a square in the middle for you to provide your feedback!

Now that your LinkedIn profile is up to date and you’re receiving targeted job postings, you need to make sure your resume is perfect for your job search. We’ll be writing a new post on how to update your resume accordingly, but for now, check out these posts we already have written about how to leverage your resume: