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Are you looking to up your professional image on Social Media? We’ve compiled a list of LinkedIn tips that will help you look your very best while on the job hunt!

  1. Make Sure Everything is Up to Date

This may seem like a simple one, but you have no idea how many LinkedIn Profiles do not have accurate and up to date information on them. Make sure your current position is accurate and recent, as well as your education. If you have graduated make sure it says so on your LinkedIn! If you are not currently working and are unsure of what to make your headline, put your job title but the company. For example, if you are a Registered Nurse who is currently unemployed, put ‘Registered Nurse’ in the Headline.


  1. Your Photo Matters

Your photo should be of you first and foremost! Make sure it is a clear photo that actually looks like you on a daily basis. If you never wear your glasses, don’t have your glasses on in your profile picture, etc. Going off of this, make sure your face can be seen in the photo as well, it should take up 60% of the frame according to Lydia Abbot, a writer for LinkedIn. Make sure your outfit is reflective of your work environment. Don’t go too casual or too formal! And always remember no strapless shirts or dresses, no one wants to look naked on their profile! Lastly, make sure the background isn’t overly distracting, the more simple the backdrop the better.


  1. What to Have

Up to date education, essentially the highest degree that you have earned or the degree you are currently working towards, plus your past education will help recruiters know what you’re about. So many recruiters search for candidates based on education levels, and if yours is not up to date, how will they ever find you? Location, where you are located or where you want to work. Recruiters reach through LinkedIn based on location, if you do not have your current location or the location of where you are searching for jobs, you will not come up in location-based searches. If you recently moved and have not updated your profile with the correct information, you may get recruited for jobs nowhere near your new home.


  1. Put the Social in Social Media

Make sure you’re interacting with your connections, there is no point of having a LinkedIn if you’re not going to use it! Like and comment on posts that you find intriguing, share updates in within your industry that strike you are interesting, use the site! If you aren’t big on using a computer, download the mobile application. It’s easy to use and makes connecting with professionals even easier.


  1. Have A Goal

Think about what your goal is. Are you trying to pursue a new job opportunity, gain new employees for your company, network in the industry, grasp potential sales and recruitment leads? Whatever your goal is, make sure what you are posting and who you are connecting with reflects that goal. If you are looking to make moves into the pharmaceutical field, adding connections in the education field isn’t going to help you too much.


  1. Get Your Skills Endorsed

Make sure your skills reflect not only your resume but the jobs you are looking to apply to. If you are applying to social media marketing roles, social media better be one of your skills. Ask your connections to endorse certain skills of yours in return for endorsing skills of theirs. The more skills you have listed with more endorsements, the more likely you are to be searched and found by recruiters.

Did you like our tips, comment and let us know which one is your favorite. Also, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with everything that we are working on, just search Medical Recruitment Strategies and Pharmaceutical Strategies. 

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