Preventing Nurse Burnout


Nursing is one of the most crucial and rewarding occupations worldwide; however, it can be extremely demanding and stressful. A persistent question in the industry has focussed on those stresses and how to manage them. Nurse burnout is unfortunately prevalent amongst those in the profession and here are our tips on avoiding it.

Be Attentive: 
Nurses spend so much time caring for others; they often forget to care for themselves. Pay attention to when you feel stressed or rundown and acknowledge that you must indulge in some self-care to ensure your wellbeing is maintained. Try and spot any recurring scenarios that cause you the most stress and see if this could be avoided in some way. 

Despite being something we all do so naturally, so many of us don’t breathe as well as we could. Before you enter a patient’s room, take 10 seconds to take some deep breaths to reset yourself. Practising deep breaths throughout your shift can make a real difference. 

If you’re the type of nurse that works through their allocated breaks, you may need to reconsider. Use these small periods throughout the day to take a little rest; you’ll find your shifts are a lot more measured by using your scheduled break times to take a break! 

Use your accrued holiday time to take some well-deserved time away from nursing to recharge your batteries. Even more importantly, use your scheduled days off to engage in activities that you enjoy, and that helps you to unwind. Activities like Yoga are popular amongst those people in stressful occupations but do whatever you find most soothing.

Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut working in the same place for too long. If you think you could benefit from a role or location change, explore your options. Recruitment agencies, like ourselves, are a fantastic outlet to explore your opportunities elsewhere and may offer the reinvigoration you’re looking for. 

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