Quick Tips: Highlight the Job Description before the Interview

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There are about a million – not a hyperbole at all – articles on the internet about how to prepare for an interview. I thought I had seen it all when it came to tips and tricks to doing well. I was wrong.

Our recruiters help prepare candidates before interviews, and I overheard an interview prep the other day and Daniela had a fantastic tip for the candidate. She told the candidate to go through the job description and highlight anything that you’ve done before in previous jobs so that you can directly relate to it during the interview. I’ve long been a fan of doing this with your resume before applying to jobs, but I had never thought of bringing it further along in the job search process.

A large portion of an interview is for the manager to see how your past experience will translate into the open role, and making the connections before will help you streamline your thoughts. It’s no secret that people can get nervous during interviews and forget things, but preparing before will help pull all your thoughts together easily.

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