Why Become an ER Nurse?

er nurse

Emergency rooms are, by reputation, chaotic places, and due to this, the role of an ER Nurse becomes as essential as it is tough. ER Nurses are the front-line support from everything from genuine emergencies, to repeat misusers of the services. The hours are often inconvenient, and the job is very pressurised, so why become an ER Nurse?

No two days are the same in the ER department, and that’s what endears so many nurses to the profession. The fact is, you never know what challenges the next patient will throw at you, or the amount that may arrive. Unpredictability comes with the territory, and ER Nurses ability to adapt to different situations is what makes them so incredible.

Amid the whirlwind that often is the ER, there is rarely time for second opinions and confirmation, allowing ER nurses to act quickly and use their knowledge to treat patients how they see fit. This freedom is seldom offered in other areas of healthcare and results in a trusting relationship between nurses and doctors in the ER. The ability to think quickly and decisively in the moment is a fantastic skill to garner from working in an ER as a Nurse.

ER Nurses are continually learning on the job due to the variety of cases they experience and the amount of other support around them. The constant turnover of patients allows nurses to see many different scenarios in a single shift from trauma to paediatrics and everything in between.

Making a Difference
One of the main reasons Nurses choose to work in the ER is the job satisfaction they get. While the role is undoubtedly one of the more pressurised and full jobs in healthcare, the knowledge of helping people in a state of emergency is often as much a personal achievement as it is a professional achievement.

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