Boston Children’s Hospital Walk 2018!

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This past weekend our Boston employees took part in the Eversource Walk for Boston Children’s Hospital. The walk raises money for Boston Children’s Hospital to help fund the hospital, research, and treatment, making sure that children and their families are receiving the highest quality treatment. Fundraising for the Boston Children’s Hospital is something that is very important to our employees. As residents of Boston we love taking part in community events that will better our city, and as professionals in the healthcare and medical field, we appreciate anything we can do to help boost the industry. As a lot of our employees also have children and their own families, the health of children is important to us as well. We want to live in a world where no parent ever has to deal with the death of a child, and we can all live a healthy lifestyle without worrying about what it might cost or how we can accomplish it.

Our participating employees. Featuring two of our favorite Pharmaceutical Strategies babies, Sean and Jack!


The walk itself was so much fun, we participated in the shorter 2-mile walk, and were greeted with fun activities and free food and snacks along the way. It was a family-friendly day spent with friends, family, and coworkers! As a team, we raised over $800, just shy of our goal of $1,000. Although we are sad that we didn’t reach our goal, we are happy with our fundraising success and know that every dollar raised is going to help families in need. Shout out to Christopher, one of our Recruiters, for being the highest fundraiser on our team and raising $210! Ashley, our office coordinator, was a close second with her total of $200. All in all, our team did a fantastic job fundraising and we are so proud of them! Stay tuned in the future for more community events from our Stoneham Office, we look forward to taking a bigger part in our community and helping others along the way! Scroll down for pictures from the event!


Two of our Pharmaceutical Strategies children, Sean and Jack, met for the first time and are already on the fast track to becoming the very best of friends!

As you can see there was a great turnout at the event! We were so happy to have been a part of this walk and glad that we could contribute to the $1.4 million raised!

The start of the walk. Our employees participated in the shorter 2 mile walk and loved every second of it! Some employees even mentioned that they had wished they had done the longer 6 mile walk. There’s always next year!  

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