Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

We have been staffing in the pharmacy industry since we opened our doors back in 2004. We specialize in Retail Management, Hospital, Long Term Care, Mail Order facilities and more. Pharmacy is one of the world's fastest growing industries, and they make up a large part of healthcare. From high-level Pharmacists to Pharmacy Technicians and Customer Service representatives, we staff it all. Our sales team and recruiters are knowledgeable of the Pharmacy industry trends and changes, including ever-changing education requirements.

We have experience placing all levels of employees in pharmacy settings. Pharmacy lends itself to a wide range of employment opportunities due to the wide range of pharmacy settings. The team at Pharmaceutical Strategies and Medical Recruitment Strategies understands the intricacies of each pharmacy setting and what each company looks for in a candidate, making us the ideal company to not only help job seekers find work but to help companies find qualified pharmacy professionals.

For Job Seekers

If you are a pharmacy professional looking for work you can reach our recruiting team at 1-866-352-337 or Click Here To Email Us. 

For Employers

If you are a company looking to hire pharmacy professionals you can reach our sales team at 1-866-352-3337 or Click Here To Email Us.

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