Job Search Preparation: Updating Your Resume

Job Search Prep (2)

If you haven’t read our first post in our Job Search Preparation series you can read that here. We talked about updating your LinkedIn profile to help you in your job search. Today we will talk about how to prepare your resume for the job search. We have a few posts about resumes up on our blog already (Resume Order, Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting Any Interviews, What to Put On Your Resume), for more detail you can go check those blogs out.

Once you’ve prepared your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to update your resume.

To make life easier, update your resume whenever you get a new position. Just take the job description from your offer letter or the application and add all of the generic information to your resume. When it comes time to applying to a new position you won’t have to change that much, you’ll just be able to add in any accomplishments and hard facts about your position.

Let’s start with the basics.

First, you should update any contact information and education information. Make sure that your phone number and email address are up to date and you are receiving messages from both of them. If you’ve graduated recently or received any degree or certification make sure you add that to the education section of your resume.

Next, think about the position (or positions) you currently have. What have you accomplished in those roles? These don’t need to be quantifiable accomplishments, although you should include those. If you’ve gotten a promotion, streamlined a process, won an award, mentored someone, or something similar, include those on your resume as well.

Now that you’ve been thinking about your accomplishments, updating your skills will be easier. What have you learned in your past positions that are worthy of their own bullet point? Not only think about the new skills you’ve learned, but also your previous skills that you have built upon. Skills that you’ve increased in any way should be noted.

Lastly, update your objectives and job title. At the top of your resume post a brief description of yourself and what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a change of roles or industries, put your title as your desired title. For example, you’ve worked as a customer service call center representative and have taken a pharmacy technician exam and now want to work as a pharmacy technician, under your name list your title as a pharmacy technician and use your objectives to describe, briefly, how your past experience will relate to any new job roles. Check out this post by Monster for tips on how to write an objective for your resume. 

If you’re confident in your resume and are itching to apply to jobs, check out our job board for all of our positions. We update it daily and post positions in all 50 states in the healthcare and pharmacy industries. If you don’t see anything you’re interested in, feel free to send your updated resume to with a brief description of what you’re looking for and where you’re looking for it and someone will reach out if anything comes up in your area.


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