Quick Tips: Add Job Descriptions to Your Resume

Tip of the day (18)

Make sure to include job descriptions and duties on all positions on your resume. 

You would think this goes without saying, but so many people create a resume and list a general set of skills in a section, and their job titles and dates held in another, and call it a day. Even if you are making a generic resume to post on sites such as Career Builder or Monster, you should include job descriptions. Yes, your skills are equally important, but when looking over resumes hiring managers and recruiters want to know what you did in your previous positions that make you a candidate for the position they’re hiring for. Never assume that recruiters know what your job duties entail based off of your job title. A secretary doesn’t have the same job description across companies, and neither do positions such as Pharmacists or Nurse Practitioners. We all know what happens when we assume!

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