How To Build A Relationship With A Recruiter

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When you work with a staffing agency, you will most likely have your own recruiter who acts as your manager. You may never meet this recruiter in person, but they are a huge aspect of your position and will help you with every aspect of the process, from the application to onboarding to HR through the duration of your position. There is a trust that needs to be built between the recruiter and the candidate, and it doesn’t just come overnight. When you’re working with a recruiter make sure you’re communicating fully with them.  The basis of a recruiter/candidate relationship is communication! There is no way you will be able to build a relationship with a complete stranger that may or may not even live in the same state as you unless you communicate with them. Whether you are texting them, emailing, LinkedIn messaging, or calling on the phone, make sure that you pick a mode of communication that you will both respond to frequently.

When you’re talking to a recruiter about positions, be honest with what you want from the job. If you can only work a day shift, tell them that, don’t try to make yourself fit into a position that you are going to hate if you don’t have to. Yes, at the end of the day recruiters want to fill open positions, but they truly care about their candidates and their needs. That’s why most recruiters get into staffing in the first place. Recruiters are in a business of people, and if you, as the job seeker, are not honest with them, it will end up hurting you more than helping you. Recruiters are going to be up front and honest with what the position requires, and what they need from you as the job seeker. When you’re talking to the recruiter keep in mind anything that could become an issue, whether it’s the pay rate, the hours, the location, or the company they’re trying to place you with, let your recruiter know. The more upfront you are with your recruiter the higher the chances of you landing a job you love become!

To make this all a little easier try connecting with your recruiter on LinkedIn, it will help you put a face to the name and voice, and better help you know this person who you are about to work with so closely. If you are unable to schedule a one on one meeting with your recruiter this will help you make the voice on the other end of the telephone a human instead of just that, a voice.

Throughout the process of working with a recruiter, remember that a recruiter is a person too, and their job is to help you get a job. You won’t benefit if you take a job you hate, and neither will the recruiter. The best interest of the recruiter is in alignment with the best interest of the job seeker.

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