How to Nail Your Interview Part 2: What to Bring

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Now that you’ve fully prepared for your interview, and if you haven’t check out our first blog post in the How to Nail Your Interview series check it out here, you need to figure out what to bring to the interview! Check out this list of everything you should bring to your interview.

  • Photo Identification
    • Some facilities will require you to check in at a security desk before proceeding to the interview. Whether it’s your license, a government-issued ID, or a passport, make sure there is something with your name and photo on it to give to security if necessary.
  • Multiple copies of your resume
    • Although you sent your resume already, the hiring manager and the person interviewing you could be two different people, or you could be interviewing with more than one person, or the interviewer could forget to print your resume or a plethora of other things. Make sure to print a few copies of an updated resume to hand to whoever is interviewing you.
  • Pen and paper 
    • A pen and paper to jot down some notes about salary, start dates, or the job details are ideal. Don’t ever take notes on your phone or another electronic device, this will make it look like you’re not paying attention, so pen and paper is definitely the way to go for this one. In order to remain organized purchase a padfolio, like this one here,  to keep your resumes, your pen, and your pad of paper all in one place. Padfolios are great because you can keep business cards, extra resumes, and all of your notes in one convenient place, all while looking organized and professional. You want to show the interviewer that you are organized and don’t live a cluttered life.
  • List of references
    • The interviewer may not ask for a list of references, but if they do, you want to be prepared. Have a printed list of references available and offer to email them to the interviewer once the interview has finished. Having a few copies in your padfolio will make this easy if you are interviewing at multiple places. Print out several copies and put them with your resume. 
  • A Portfolio or Work Examples
    • If applicable to your profession, make sure you bring examples of your past work. When brought up in the interview, offer to send a digital copy to the interviewer or hiring manager and send that as soon as possible.
  • A can-do attitude and a smile!
    • This one may be easier said than done, but if you walk into an interview confident it shows! Even if you don’t think you’ll get the job, don’t let it show during the interview, it may come off as that you don’t want the job and you may be perceived as a negative person. At the same time, don’t act cocky or overly conceited during the interview, this can be a turn off for interviewers.

Now you know how to prepare for an interview and what to bring, all that’s left is go to the interview and nail it! Our third and final post will be up this Thursday and it will include tips on what to do during and after an interview.

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