Quick Tips: Update Your Email


Ditch the email address from high school.

I’ve never actually heard of anyone not getting a job because their email address was sportygirlxxx3@yahoo.com or honeybooboofan38@gmail.com, but it can cause some judgment. An email address is such an easy thing to create that recruiters second guess candidates with childish and sometimes inappropriate email addresses. Are you unsure if your email address is job search appropriate? Answer a few of these questions: Does it contain words that are not your name? Have you changed your email since middle school? If you answered no to either of these questions, chances are you should make a new email address. There’s nothing wrong with keeping that email address for personal use, I have 2 separate emails, one I use for online shopping, my AIM email, and one that I use for anything that involves talking to someone that isn’t family, my “professional email.” And if you want to get rid of the email address all together you can set up email forwarding services with most email servers very easily. A great formula for a new email address is firstname_lastname#@email.com, it’s simple, appropriate, and carries the 100% guarantee that you won’t be the laughing stock of the office.

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